Friday, April 28, 2006

The four letter "F" word.

It's not fair that writing a novel is just for creative people with original ideas. It really shouldn't be a crime to "borrow" some ideas from people more skilled than yourself. After all, we take taxes from those that can earn a living and give to those that can't. I think that we should stop labeling that poor girl from Harvard a plagiarist. She is a pioneer. Think of the possibilities. Barry Bonds hits a home run, and Joe Smith can jump down from the stands and trot around the bases in victory. Why not, it's not fair that Barry Bonds can hit a home run and poor Joe can't. Don't people realize how tiring hard work can be. We have to stop rewarding people for achievement. It just makes the people that aren't lucky enough to have the gift of motivation feel bad. That's just not fair.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Genie Bottle

Ever think that your life is like the punch line of some joke about finding a genie bottle? You know, the guy or gal make a wish without completely thinking it through. They get what asked for, but there is a twist. Could it be that this is the way that life really is and the jokes are just a reflection of reality? I was thinking today about what I dreamed of doing as an adult. I wanted to fly a really big plane long distances with plenty of time off to pursue some sort of creative endeavor. Here I am, sitting in a hotel room on Easter having flown a really big plane a long distance and now I have a lot of time off. It's what I wanted. Would I rather be with my family on my daughters first holiday? Of course, but that wasn't part of the wish. I know that many people miss important milestones in their children's lives while just trying to earn a living. We all have some type of sacrifice to make. I just wonder, if I ran into that old genie again, would I make the same wish?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Embassy Suites Federal Prison

It's day two of my incarceration. All attempts to escape have failed. I made it out the front door and kept making left turns. I walked for an hour and it seemed like I was going in circles. I must make peace with my situation. The walls are closing in on me. Why do they subject me to this torture. They have given me a TV, but it only plays women's golf and "The Wedding Planner" over and over. They are all powerful -- last night at around 2 AM, they stole an hour of my life. They where able to change the time on my cell phone and my computer, but not my watch. I'm on to them, I KNOW. The Warden had a reception down in the mess hall. It was OK, they fed me chicken wings in an attempt to lull me into submission. I will resist, I will stay strong. Word is that I will be released tomorrow night, but I know it's just a transfer to another facility.

Will it ever end.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Welcome to my blog.
When blogs first hit the scene I laughed them off. I thought that they were nothing more than an public diary for self obsessed people who feel that others want to share their exciting life. Well, I am neither self obsessed, nor do I think that my life is interesting. Why would I want a blog? It's not that I've learned that my initial impression was wrong, in many cases it's dead on. I have, however, found that blogs have created an interesting dynamic to our culture. People are now more accessible. The average person has an outlet for their creativity. It's great that the average person can put their thoughts into words and share them with the world. Obviously some thoughts are worth sharing, and others, well, are best left unexpressed. I hope that mine represent the prior. I'll start my blog with a little information about myself. I am a new dad, a husband, a pilot, and a writer. Being a dad and a husband give my life meaning. Flying an airplane pays the bills. Writing keeps me sane. I hope that this will be an enjoyable experience for both the readers and myself.