Friday, April 28, 2006

The four letter "F" word.

It's not fair that writing a novel is just for creative people with original ideas. It really shouldn't be a crime to "borrow" some ideas from people more skilled than yourself. After all, we take taxes from those that can earn a living and give to those that can't. I think that we should stop labeling that poor girl from Harvard a plagiarist. She is a pioneer. Think of the possibilities. Barry Bonds hits a home run, and Joe Smith can jump down from the stands and trot around the bases in victory. Why not, it's not fair that Barry Bonds can hit a home run and poor Joe can't. Don't people realize how tiring hard work can be. We have to stop rewarding people for achievement. It just makes the people that aren't lucky enough to have the gift of motivation feel bad. That's just not fair.


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