Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Genie Bottle

Ever think that your life is like the punch line of some joke about finding a genie bottle? You know, the guy or gal make a wish without completely thinking it through. They get what asked for, but there is a twist. Could it be that this is the way that life really is and the jokes are just a reflection of reality? I was thinking today about what I dreamed of doing as an adult. I wanted to fly a really big plane long distances with plenty of time off to pursue some sort of creative endeavor. Here I am, sitting in a hotel room on Easter having flown a really big plane a long distance and now I have a lot of time off. It's what I wanted. Would I rather be with my family on my daughters first holiday? Of course, but that wasn't part of the wish. I know that many people miss important milestones in their children's lives while just trying to earn a living. We all have some type of sacrifice to make. I just wonder, if I ran into that old genie again, would I make the same wish?


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