Saturday, April 01, 2006


Welcome to my blog.
When blogs first hit the scene I laughed them off. I thought that they were nothing more than an public diary for self obsessed people who feel that others want to share their exciting life. Well, I am neither self obsessed, nor do I think that my life is interesting. Why would I want a blog? It's not that I've learned that my initial impression was wrong, in many cases it's dead on. I have, however, found that blogs have created an interesting dynamic to our culture. People are now more accessible. The average person has an outlet for their creativity. It's great that the average person can put their thoughts into words and share them with the world. Obviously some thoughts are worth sharing, and others, well, are best left unexpressed. I hope that mine represent the prior. I'll start my blog with a little information about myself. I am a new dad, a husband, a pilot, and a writer. Being a dad and a husband give my life meaning. Flying an airplane pays the bills. Writing keeps me sane. I hope that this will be an enjoyable experience for both the readers and myself.


At 6:26 PM, Blogger A.T. said...

One post and I'm already hooked.

Looking forward to many more.


At 4:47 AM, Blogger jim said...

Matt, you've GOT to be the Matt Macri I spent a really good semester at ERAU with (dry ice bombs, rock climbing, too little studying, limo to the airport...).

I hope you get this comment - I see you've slacked off a little in the blogging; keep it up, you're good at it. I had the same first impression of the online diary idea as you, but have also become a fairly mediocre convert as they're a great way to keep in touch with (or find) friends that would otherwise be too wrapped up in their lives.

Look me up,
Jim Harvey


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